An introduction to the privatisation of telstra

If the CT is not within a certain distance of the customer premises and the relevant exchange during these times, the ticket of work will be regarded as non-compliant. Wages growth at all-time low Figures released on 19 February show that Australian wages are growing at their slowest rate on record.

It will alert the dispatcher through changing from green to red if the CT has taken longer than the scheduled time at any one location. The build involved thousands of Telstra staff, including surveyors who covered the route on foot and pegging parties who followed after them marking, out the path for the cable.

On it we have links to our Facebook and YouTube channel Australia Post response on StarTrack Christmas Bonus Readers will be aware that your union wrote to Post seeking clarification of a Christmas bonus in the form of a voucher.

It allowed direct dialling and simultaneous television broadcasts for the first time, including the live broadcast of the 5th test of the Ashes series to Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne - a major milestone in Australian television history.

At the same time as the above scenario Post HQ implemented a "staffing freeze" that left a hundred plus PDO positions vacant. Wages grew by an average 2. The Whole of Day programme involves the coordination of existing CT location information with Connect ticket-of-work data.

Telco e-Bulletin 2013 - #19

She warned however that business was likely to ratchet up its campaign to reduce penalty rates now that it had a sympathetic government in Canberra. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has 30 days to disallow the move, but it seems a fait accompli.

As its focus moves from its traditional network business to the provision of more software-defined services, it is to be expected the role of its technical experts will also change.

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According to The Age, SPC Managing Director Peter Kelly was urged by the government last December to put all his employees on the award if he wanted any financial assistance for restructuring. And this month the 50th reunion for those who built the link was held in Sydney.

Telstra IT jobs continue to go off-shore While the recent reorganisation of Telstra Operations has not involved any off-shoring to date, the process continues in other sections of the business.

The CWU is engaged in discussions with Optus about how best to protect the interests of all the Optus employees potentially affected by this proposal, including any who may choose not to transfer to Visionstream.

ACTU president Ged Kearney said the decision recognised the importance of penalty rates in compensating workers for working unsociable hours.

In Networks Delivery, where 30 reductions were proposed, only 17 will proceed while in Networks Media 24 of the original 26 positions will still be declared redundant. The two companies plan to establish a joint venture that will introduce a mobile phone service to Brazil using a virtual network. We all know how much members earn the right to be shown appreciation at Christmas time when volumes skyrocket.

Brazil Post and Poste Italiane to launch joint mobile phone business Brazil Post has signed an agreement with Poste Italiane to work together to launch a mobile phone service in Brazil. This Hub will enable us to move quickly when needed and to ensure that your voices are a constant part of the ongoing narrative.

We can discuss your options and help you develop an appeal against your rating using the Internal Resolution Process IRP. The CWU does not want to see any of the planned redundancies proceed. Check out the Hub at handsoffaussiepost. If anything needs slashing it is the obscene salary of the CEO Ahmed Fahour whose remuneration increased from 2.

Your union will continue to fight ANY reductions in services and any moves by the bean counters to undermine the traditional mail services. Telstra needs to retain the capability for in-depth analysis of emerging technologies and their applicability under Australian conditions — geographic, demographic and regulatory, not only commercial.

As Australia embarks on another large telecoms infrastructure project, it is interesting to reflect on the achievement that the Sydney-Melbourne link represented and the conditions which underpinned its success.

Telstra proposes to combine the current functions of the User Experience team with the proof of concepts function under the Apps and Platform team. The agency cuts will go ahead but Telstra positions, including some 65 design jobs, will be retained.

It is less clear why there should be fewer of them, though. We will continue to campaign to have the slashed services restored in regional Victoria and New South Wales. Not least of those was a permanently employed, fully trained and appropriately paid workforce, seen here at work —and at leisure, probably enjoying camping party allowance.

These reports give the lie to those claims. Also check out your revamped National website at www.In a blow to existing services in regional Victoria and New South Wales Australia Post yesterday confirmed that next day delivery services provided for over 30 years would be slashed.

Senior Executives had described next day delivery in a number of regional areas as “over-servicing the customer”. Such language is an alarming example of a culture.

Telstra will not go ahead with all of the redundancies initially flagged as arising out of the Operating Model Review in Operations – at least for the time being. Last month Telstra announced an estimated reduction of positions from Operations over this financial year, with the first round of cuts affecting positions, 92 of them held by agency staff.

An introduction to the privatisation of telstra
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