Brice family essay

They had been married for twenty one years when they left Germany for a new home in America. Filia Fries,the first of ten children of Johann Fries and the first of five children by Eva Orth 1.

These wars were no more than a prelude to the Great Napoleonic Wars that would change the future course of all Europe. Deppisch seems to be a common name in the area.

Spain had already discovered America and the Turks would invade Europe on a yearly basis and may have laid the groundwork in Europe for the turmoil that caused the Fries family to leave Germany. However, even though by the end ofthe situation in Germany had improved. Margaretha Neff,the third of seven children of Johann Neef and Barbara Koner who is our direct maternal ancestor.

Nikolaus Fries,the second of ten children of Johann Fries and the second of five children by Eva Orth. He and the other French writers would be a major cause of the great French Revolution of In March ofnews of a revolt in France set off revolts in Germany.

It was a system that was barely workable in times of prosperity but not workable in periods of falling agricultural prices or near famine. Johannes was most likely a farmer. Johann Fries and Barbara Fries had five children. Even the peasants tried an unsuccessful revolt in It is no wonder that the peasants would riot or turn to banditry.

This conflict had a world wide impact.


Both would influence the future of the Fries family. This was the world, as 1. She was given the last rights before she died. It was war in the past, now it may have been the elements that the Fries family had to fight.

He was the town judge. Johann Fries,married Barbara Fries, c. Rot an See means the town of Rot by the sea. The exact date is unknown. Many Germans were hungry and out of work. Johann Fries,first married a woman named Eva.

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Labarthe, Monique Messine, Brice.

Brice family essay
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