In praise of reading and fiction

My salvation was reading, reading good books, taking refuge in those worlds where life was glorious, intense, one adventure after another, where I could feel free and be happy again. They demand that we attend to dead ends as well as to false starts, to charged silences as well as to verbal excesses.

Mario Vargas Llosa – Nobel Lecture

Of course, people will object along these lines: Franz Kafka asked this of Max Brod in the s and Vladimir Nabokov of his wife and son in the s. That is why this must be repeated incessantly until new generations are convinced of it: But I expect you, dear reader, realized this pretty immediately, given the first italicised clause actually enacts this idea.

Such criticism, to be just, should be self-criticism. And it was writing, in secret, like someone giving himself up to an unspeakable vice, a forbidden passion.

It was more collaborative, more free-wheeling, more alive with—for lack of a better word—novelty.

In Praise of Reading and Fiction

Every day, all over the world, countless victims are sacrificed by those who feel they possess absolute truths. Let those who doubt that literature not only submerges us in the dream of beauty and happiness but alerts us to every kind of oppression, ask themselves why all regimes determined to control the behavior of citizens from cradle to grave fear it so much they establish systems of censorship to repress it and keep so wary an eye on independent writers.

This whole book is but a draught—nay, but the draught of a draught. He considers why this is so and recalls: I was there to immerse myself in the26 folders containing the thousands of pages of drafts and notes for a second novel Ellison had spent 40 years writing but never completed.

They were my most obliging friends, the ones who vitalized my calling and in whose books I discovered that there is hope even in the worst of circumstances, that living is worth the effort if only because without life we could not read or imagine stories.

Mark Twain wrote multiple iterations of his unfinished novel The Mysterious StrangerNathaniel Hawthorne aborted three romances in as many years at the end of his life, and David Foster Wallace generated heaps of prose for The Pale King before he committed suicide in There I learned that Peru was part of a vast community united by history, geography, social and political problems, a certain mode of being, and the delicious language it spoke and wrote.

In Praise of Reading and Fiction: The Nobel Lecture

Just as Paris had been, Barcelona was a Tower of Babel, a cosmopolitan, universal city where it was stimulating to live and work and where, for the first time since the days of the Civil War, Spanish and Latin American writers mixed and fraternized, recognizing one another as possessors of the same tradition and allied in a common enterprise and certainty: Years after his ascent to political prominence, he would deliver an improvised speech on the Senate floor that would be cut short when his estranged son attempted to assassinate him from the balcony.

So, his approach towards politics looks quite naive way and his linear view of the modern political problems are even dangerous.

Some compatriots accused me of being a traitor, and I was on the verge of losing my citizenship when, during the last dictatorship, I asked the democratic governments of the world to penalize the regime with diplomatic and economic sanctions, as I have always done with all dictatorships of any kind, whether of Pinochet, Fidel Castro, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Imams in Iran, apartheid in South Africa, the uniformed satraps of Burma now called Myanmar.

Let us say this with absolute clarity: As a boy I dreamed of coming some day to Paris because, dazzled by French literature, I believed that living there and breathing the air breathed by Balzac, Stendhal, Baudelaire, and Proust would help transform me into a real writer, and if I did not leave Peru I would be only a pseudo Sundays-and-holidays writer.

Because when we gained our independence from Spain two hundred years ago, those who assumed power in the former colonies, instead of liberating the Indians and creating justice for old wrongs, continued to exploit them with as much greed and ferocity as the conquerors and, in some countries, decimating and exterminating them.

It was unbelievable to read that he has asked the world to punish the Peruvian government, and other countries including Iran, by economic and political sanctions, and to me it seems he does not care about his own people.In Praise of Unfinished Novels.

Essays. Grant Shreve February 21, As I sat in the Library of Congress’s reading room poring over drafts swamped with marginalia, paragraphs for episodes that never materialized, and ephemera scribbled on the backs of grocery store receipts and old envelopes, I was alternately entranced and dismayed.

In Praise of Reading and Fiction has ratings and 30 reviews. Glenn said: “‎Reading good literature is an experience of pleasure but it is also an /5.

Critical Praise; Critical Praise A compelling blend of historical fiction, mystery, and women’s fiction, Quinn’s complex story and engaging characters have something to offer just about everyone.” —Library Journal (starred review) Powerful reading you can’t put down!”.

In Praise of Reading & Fiction: The Nobel Lecture by Mario Vargas Llosa - Farrar Hardcover - First U.S. Edition First Printing - Original price intact. There is a remainder mark on the bottom edge of pages, otherwise the book is mark-free, bright and clean.

| eBay! In Praise of Reading and Fiction I learned to read at the age of five, in Brother Justiniano’s class at the De la Salle Academy in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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It is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. Translated by Edith Grossman, In Praise of Reading and Fiction is Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa's lecture delivered after he received the Nobel Prize in Literature in Llosa argues for the necessity of literature in our lives today.

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In praise of reading and fiction
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