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Compare and contrast Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

The film is a little kind to Malcolm but not to the point where the absurd claims about bias and spin would really stick - well, for the majority anyway. Encourage the students to observe and comment on hairstyles, clothing, cars, and other lifestyle elements. Expand the exercise by asking students to select at least one other religion of the world for which they can research events that took place during the same period of time.

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While inside he learns the ways of Elijah Muhammad and coverts to Islam. When Malcolm reviews the white people he has known, he can think of only one, his Jewish boss, who treated him with any decency at all.

If so, what is that person doing now? Why are many young people drawn into criminal lifestyles? What makes their story a story of success? Compare and contrast Civil Rights as a movement in the s and s.

What are the various areas? As a Spike Lee film it is surprisingly flat and lacking in the usual visual style that he brings, it is a real shame but this labour of love is not one of his better films although it is not among his worst - it is rather pedestrian, overlong and, were it not for a charismatic performance from Washington, would be a lot duller than the subject deserved.

Ask your students to develop a five-year plan for at least five places that they would like to visit. Assign a group of students to research Islam and its basic tenets.

After years of study in prison, Malcolm reconsiders his racial identity in the light of history and philosophy, and discovers answers to his questions about race in the pro-black rhetoric of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm leaves Michigan because he knows that he cannot escape the limiting racial identity that society imposes on him.

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Even as Malcolm earns top grades and is elected class president, a teacher discourages him from becoming a lawyer, because Malcolm is black, and teaches him racist propaganda. Ask each student to gather at least two news articles that describe problems or situations involving social service agencies.

Postal Service issued a stamp in honor of Malcolm X. If the person is deceased, what was the cause? Sign in to vote.Ask each student to write an essay that expresses why he or she has chosen to wear his or her hair in its current fashion.

Many of the people Malcolm X preached to about the Nation of Islam were turned off by the strict code of discipline. Ask students to discuss the pros and cons of how the media can report the facts and/or distort events. For example, where Malcolm is talking to Betty about his thoughts on women, Lee cuts to Malcolm being told the same opinion (word for word) by Muhammad - a brave move that implied the spoon feeding of his views that I didn't expect from Lee.

Unfortunately, Malcom X's diatribes during that his political period did precious little to remedy. To Malcolm X, Muhammad was not only a spiritual leader but also a moral example for all to follow.

It was this moral example that had helped Malcolm X escape his drug addiction and keep him abstinent for 12 years (from the time of his prison sentence to his marriage).

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Explanation of the famous quotes in The Autobiography of Malcolm X, including all important speeches, comments, quotations, and monologues.

Dec 11,  · Malcolm X Essay; Malcolm X Essay. Rhetorical Analysis of Malcolm X. Malcolm X Essay example. Words | 8 Pages. The Autobiography of Malcom X by Alex Haley; Critically evaluate McGregor's Theroy X and Theory Y; Great Teachers Who Positively Infuence Students to Become Fluent.

Malcom x pros essay example
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