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To ensure that I benefited from the weekend media fast, I had to write a reflection of the things I found challenging and why.

I was able to know the form of media that I love most and the time I allocate to media. Media fast also enabled to cut off some forms of media that I thought could give me a Media fast essay to abandon.

Get Access Reflection on the media fast Essay Sample Last weekend I observed media fast where I came to learn the extent I depend on commercial sources to obtain information.

Media Fast Assignment - Essay Example

I have a feeling that this occur to many people who rely on information from commercial sources and they are busy such that they do not get time to evaluate the quality of information from commercial sources. I realized I consume a lot of time on social media where I socialize with friends, game and have adequate fun.

It gave me an opportunity to assess myself and think and feel for myself.

Reflection on the media fast Essay Sample

For 24 hours I was asked to not interact with books, magazines, newspapers, music, radio, television, videogames Media fast essay any form of the Internet. I tried to stay without specific media in turns to understand the media I love most. All day I had been reaching into my pocket to check my phone, and then realizing it was locked away in my room.

Every Saturday I have dinner in Cambridge with my girlfriend at 5: It was a realization since I was able to learn of how much time I allocate to media.

Media fast gave me an opportunity to reflect ob the extreme overdependence people have on digital technology and mass media. In the commons I was able to find a pick-up flag football game that I could join however I got really muddy and eventually went home and took a shower.

The media fast also made me believe that other activities such as having a walk, painting and drawing can perform similar functions I always realize on social network sites and attain same outcomes. I decided that I would go for a jog in Boston commons because outdoor exercise seemed like the only way to have fun without my Internet devices.

Media fast over the weekend also gave me a chance to identify how profoundly technology and media are connected in out lives.

I was able to rethink about my media intake and the changes that I should make regarding use of media. The reflection also includes the things I enjoyed and the things I missed out. On the other hand, I missed my friends on social networking sites because I usually find myself engaging with my facebook friend on a daily basis.

We walked around the town as I told her about my day and how hard my project had been. I also love exploring and thus the walk was a great adventure.

Media Fast

I realized that to realize the changes about my media use, I had to come up with an action plan. In my backpack alone I carry my cellphone, my laptop, my iPad, and my Gameboy Color video game. I was able to achieve a lot without getting involved with Media fast essay the whole weekend.

The purpose of this paper is to develop a reflection of media fast for a weekend without social media. It was then that I realized how much of my life was consumed by the media. However, I never took time to examine the validity of the issues that are being broadcasted.

Media fast over the weekend helped me to remember the things I love about technology and media Clarke et al, Media fast encourage self-analysis; it helped me understand some of the bad habits I had adopted. In order to make changes in my media use, I had to develop an action plan. This will help me to allocate time to my daily activities.Media fast enable people to think for themselves.

Overusing the internet has seen many people lose their creativity and writing skills. This is as a result of excessive use of chatting engines and shortcuts which have seen the youths lose writing skills. As time progressed, my excitement turned into boredom.

I got bored and wished for screen media; I anticipated the end of the 48 hours. After the 48 hours without the media, I was relieved to resume my regular life with media screens. Challenges encountered during the media fast assignment entailed media activities that were very difficult to avoid.

Media Fast For this assignment, you will avoid all media that have screens for 48 consecutive hours, which includes avoiding things such as • Any activity on your cell phone except a voice call • Television • Movie screens • Video games • Computers, except for homework requirements • The Internet Length The essay needs Continue reading "Media Fast".

Media Fast Writing Assignment Last Tuesday, I attempted to unplug myself from the world of media and see how it affected my everyday life.

After trying to disconnect myself from everything that involves media, I realized how much I rely on it to get me through each day. Social media may become addicting.

Research shows that most people spend on average almost 4 hours a day on social networking sites. That's almost 30 hours a week. While some people need and use social media for work or to stay in touch with friends, other people find that using social media so much causes anxiety and stress.

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