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Bound between the unfathomable sectional depth of the Pacific and the reaches of the sky, the memorial drifts in international waters across the seemingly infinite plane of the ocean.

Colour therefore played a very important role in influencing consumers psychologically, which is characterized by emotional attachment, attention, memory, and attitude Memory drafting later increase the likelihood of buying behaviour. Alzheimer Disease is a neurodegenerative form of dementia which deteriorates memory abilities It was predicted that higher level of contrast will attract more attention and better visibility of an object or information.

Many variables have been proposed to contribute to the retrieval operations and one of the variables is colour, which will be discussed thoroughly in the present paper.

The role played by colour in enhancing our attention level is undisputable 14 In the study phase, the participants were involved in the naming task of those 60 experimental objects. Therefore, it is important for the stimuli available in the environment to have the potential to activate the attention and to be involved in control processes or deeper level of processing in order for the stimuli to be better remembered.

This finding can be interpreted to show that colours have a better and greater ability to capture attention than other variables. Can colour result in improved memory abilities?

Recall performance was found to be better with words that have arousal effect than non-arousal words. In the objectcolour spatial integration, the colour object was placed on the grey background while in the object-colour spatial separation, the grey object was placed on the colour background.

An important and core cognitive process is memory, which is commonly associated with the storing and remembering of environmental information.

Those studies are reviewed in detail below.

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Collapsing the traditionally bifurcated relationship between the viewer and object, the memorial becomes inhabitable- unifying the experience of the viewer with the substance and physicality of the memorial. This rule is in line with the encoding specificity principle that highlights the close connection between these two memory processes, encoding, and retrieval in determining the memory performance.

Various body system and hormones may contribute to alertness The same approach is also used to help autistic patients. Information that is subject to a certain amount of attention is then moved to the short-term store. There appears to be a basis for associating colour and Memory drafting significant effect on memory abilities.

One hundred and thirty six university students participated in their study. Therefore, coloured object with non-coloured background have better memory retention and yielded faster respond time compared to coloured object with coloured background. In addition, in the clinical setting, specific interventions involving colours can be introduced to deal with memory-related problems such as learning difficulty, autism, dyslexia, and others.

This dualistic nature of memory was proposed by the early investigators of memory, such as William James, and Waugh and Norman Studio features a sleek sling-like back and aerodynamic arm This may be the reason for the top fast-food restaurants in the world to be associated and branded with vivid colour.

The same goes for the images that were presented in black-and-white and tested in colour. Abstract Human cognition involves many mental processes that are highly interrelated, such as perception, attention, memory, and thinking.

A plethora of studies have been conducted to understand the role of colour in enhancing memory performance. Jive is the result of chair makers who decided to design This means that colours have an emotional arousing effect. It was found that the majority of participants associated green colour with the feeling of calmness, happiness, comfort, peace, hope, and excitement.

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In the memory test, the participants were asked to recognize the colours and the shapes of the items that were presented earlier on. Greene, Bell, and Boyer 21further explained that warm types of colours such as yellow, red and orange have been found to have a greater effect on attention compared to the cool type of colours like brown and gray.

Hall and Hanna 33conducted a study on webpage text and background colour combination to memory retention. Arousal, memory and colour Arousal, especially emotional arousal, can play an essential role in keeping the information in the memory system.

The Influence of Colour on Memory Performance: A Review

Response time, percentage of the score, hit, and correct rejection rate were observed. Once the notion of the archetypal memorial is dissolved, the spatial memorial is then open to interpretation with respect to architectural conditions.

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Jan 07,  · Human cognition involves many mental processes that are highly interrelated, such as perception, attention, memory, and thinking. An important and core cognitive process is memory, which is commonly associated with the storing and remembering of environmental information.

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The emotive power of a memorial derives from its ability to engage the viewer in active remembrance. The project considers the limitations of a monumentality which embraces a distinct division between viewer and memorial.

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