Ozone depletion and global warming

Most atmospheric scientists are now convinced that human industrial activity has caused an enhanced greenhouse effect, leading to an increase in global warming: An increase of a few degrees Centigrade may not sound like much, but it probably would accelerate the retreat of glaciers and ice caps.

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CFCa seems to have been accumulating unabated since Biological effects[ edit ] The main public concern regarding the ozone hole has been the effects of increased surface UV radiation on human health. The most prominent decrease in ozone has been in the lower stratosphere.

In addition, increased surface UV leads to increased tropospheric ozone, which is a health risk to humans. Americans voluntarily switched away from aerosol sprays before legislation was enforced, while climate change failed to achieve comparable concern and public action.

Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion: This time fueled by one of the most hazardous environmental issues threatening the planet, global warming. When ozone is depleted, less ultraviolet-B is absorbed within the ozone layer, cooling the ozone layer, as observed from to This is normally expressed in Dobson units ; abbreviated as "DU".

These types of lava flows, covering tens to millions of square mileshave been contemporaneous with periods of greatest global warming, ocean acidification, and mass extinctions throughout all of geologic time. Carbon dioxide spreads around the planet like a blanket, and is one of the main gases responsible for the absorption of infrared radiation felt as heatwhich comprises the bulk of solar energy.

Is There a Connection Between the Ozone Hole and Global Warming?

The ozone layer is reduced when man-made CFC molecules comprised of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon reach the stratosphere and are broken apart by short-wave energy from the sun. Free chlorine atoms then break apart molecules of ozone, creating a hole in the ozone layer.

After all, you get much warmer standing in sunlight than standing outside at night with terrestrial infrared radiation welling up around you.

Ozone depletion occurs when chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and halons—gases formerly found in aerosol spray cans and refrigerants—are released into the atmosphere see details below. Ward worked 27 years with the United States Geological Survey as research geophysicist, branch chief, and program manager.

When the sun comes out again in the polar spring, the ice particles melt, releasing the ozone-depleting molecules from the ice particle surfaces. The ozone hole The ozone hole. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.

When the ozone hole was first detected, there was emotional debate in which many U. Total column ozone declined below pre values between and for mid-latitudes.

Ozone depletion is greatest in polar regions during the winter, explaining why the greatest warming observed from to was of minimum temperatures in polar regions, a phenomenon known as polar amplification.How does the hole in the ozone layer affect global warming?

The hole in the ozone layer in the earth’s upper atmosphere (stratosphere) reduces the greenhouse effect because ozone is a greenhouse gas. However, ozone in the stratosphere filters out ultraviolet radiation from the sun that is harmful to life on earth.

Ozone depletion and climate change, or Ozone hole and global warming in more popular terms, are environmental challenges whose connections have been explored and which have been compared and contrasted, for example in terms of global regulation, in various studies and books.

Join us as we asses ozone depletion and global warming to find out whether the factors causing global warming, or the phenomenon in itself for that matter, are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. Global warming and ozone layer depletion are two different problems (see the sidebar “Misconceptions about Global Atmospheric Change” on page 95).

Global warming is caused by the “greenhouse effect,” which is essential to life as we know it on planet Earth. Ozone Depletion vs Global Warming Ozone depletion and global warming are two environmental concerns that the world’s population face today.

Ozone depletion

If left unheeded and should we do nothing about it, they can turn all those disaster movie plots into a reality. But ozone depletion and global warming are essentially different.

Ozone Layer Protection

Ozone Depletion. Climate Ozone Depletion Today, there is widespread concern that the ozone layer is deteriorating due to the release of pollution containing the .

Ozone depletion and global warming
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