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Voters can cast their ballots at any of the open precincts in the county where they are registered; there are 30 sites in Miami-Dade County and 21 in Broward up from 20 and 17 respectively in and five in the Keys.

Voters have until Nov. She also said www.

The Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

Winning the Student track was Overhead. More information is at momentumstartup. To be eligible to win, applicants had to agree to establish or maintain operations in Rhode Island. They stored their inventory in their garage and began personally selling their drink one store at a time.

High School Business Plan Competition

Email The impetus to create an entrepreneurial beverage brand is often a simple one: Finalists in the Entrepreneur track were: Li, who graduated from the School of Arts and Sciences, and Vitug, a graduate of Kean University, explored the health-giving properties of hawthorne berries and resveratrol, a compound found in red grapes.

Identification must be current and valid. Li and Passhe business plan competition 2012 election used the money to create Heart Juice, a beverage made with hawthorne extract, resveratrol, vitamins, antioxidants, garlic, pomegranate juice, and stevia.

They used their winnings plus their own limited funds to form a company, Genso LLC, and launched their product on Earth Day, August 23 of this year.


We essentially are running two businesses under the same roof. Winners Named in RI Business Plan Competition Thursday, May 03, GoLocalProv News Team A maker of an innovative monitoring device for the marine industry, a developer of an online service that helps college students find off-campus housing, and the creator of a web-based application for customizing in-store music streams today were named winners in the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition.

In Broward, enter your information at http: Ask the election workers to call the county elections office and issue you a provisional ballot. Share it with others. Past Momentum contestants are allowed to reapply.

Here’s what you need to know about early voting | Miami Herald

A case in point — 65 percent of the Chamber members are small businesses with less than five employees. Order Reprint of this Story October 19, Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections Christina White said presidential election turnout has typically been 67 to 72 percent but elections supervisors across the state are bracing for higher turnouts this year.

With the grant, they have been able to purchase specialty rental items such as wooden Chiavari chairs, a unique circular arch, plus dishes to add to their collection of antique dinnerware. The industry is a monopolistic world and very tough for entrepreneurs with new products to penetrate.

House seats, state legislative seats, judges, school boards, sheriffs, county commissioners and municipal elections, state constitutional amendments and local referendums. Ray Li and John Vitug, the creators of Heart Juice, an all-natural beverage formulated to improve heart health, were students at Rutgers Business School when a professor they both admired fell victim to a heart attack.

They have since managed to land the product with 75 retailers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Pat Larkins Community Center: After hearing about their professor and his admittedly poor diet, Li and Vitug set out to create a beverage that could help protect individuals from high cholesterol and that could also support overall cardiac function.

This year, in-person early voting has been expanded — there are more polling sites and the number of days and hours have lengthened — to better accommodate the crowds that presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could lure to the polls.

Prizes were donated by sponsors, which included private companies, professional services firms, investors and banks, foundations, nonprofits, colleges and universities, and public agencies. It has been an amazing year, and we anticipate only more growth as we go along. In the last presidential election, Miami-Dade offered 96 hours over eight days.

Along with another colleague, Li and Vitug designed a business plan about a heart healthy ready-to-drink beverage, and entered the plan into the Rutgers Business School Business Plan Competition.

NatCon2018: Business Plan Competition

Supervisor of Elections Offices: Eligibility requirements and rules can be found on the contest website. Jonathan Bittner, of Providence, is leading the team. Acceptable forms of ID include: End of Sands Road, Atlantis Dr.

Participants also can compete for other prize money besides the top prize.

RBS Business Plan Competition

After many rejections, Li and Vitug finally found a company in Kentucky who would work with them to manufacture Heart Juice — in glass bottles, for greater purity. To receive a customized sample ballot via email prior to each election, sign up by calling VOTE No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do.Fourth annual $50, Momentum Business Plan Competition begins.

PERE MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — Need $50, to get your new business off the ground or to th. The WV High School Business Plan Competition’s goal is to work collaboratively to help move the state forward by engaging young minds to solve West Virginia’s greatest issues. The future of our state is at hand, and we are working to involve young talent from across the state to share their ideas.

He has been a supporting sponsor of the Mayo Business Plan Competition since its premier in Christine Calandra, Manager of Tax Audits, Siemens Christine Calandra is a Manager of Tax Audits at Siemens Corporation.

SRU featured in Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education rankings 9/6/ Slippery Rock University has once again been featured as among the best national colleges and universities in the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings. I th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES July 31, Mr.

Graves of Missouri introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committees on Education and the Workforce, the Judiciary, and Small Business, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration.

Business Plan Challenge For those who remember the arduous early voting lines during the presidential election, here’s one comforting fact: South Floridians will have the longest window.

Passhe business plan competition 2012 election
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