Pros and cons of commerically purchased social studies lessons

Previously, textbooks and the teachers were the prime source of education of social studies, but now internet is playing a major role in this regard. In addition to increasing resources, the Internet also fosters and enhances various skills of its users.

However, if there is a class where different students use different resources, eventually each individual may develop an area of expertise which can then be shared with the wider group. This continuous change can be seen as a challenge and could be compared to certain aspect of video games that are technological tools greatly favored by many children.

There is more information available on the World Wide Web than they could possibly need, but most of the material is very easily accessible. The students are not divided into groups.

Social Studies

Knowledge coming from a peer may be more appreciated in situations where that knowledge is shared for the benefit of a whole group.

Also the demands and conditions of learning have also been changed, and therefore a need for new techniques and learning method was felt.

The change in scenes and movement keeps their attention focused and the option of making decisions adds to their interest in engaging with the medium.

Discussion In view of above, a number of techniques regarding learning of social studies have been devised. First of all, it is possible that children will use computers together which will enhance their interactions with each other. The Internet offers a vast amount of resources that are otherwise not available in any one geographical location.

For direct teaching or instruction to be effective, the teacher must have a mastery of the subject matter, must prepare a well-organized content, and must have excellent communication skills.

Depending on its incorporation in classroom activities, it may also contribute to the improvement of skills related to critical thinking, problem solving, and group work. Work on computers can allow for both independent projects and collaborative undertakings.

It aims at combining different approaches so as to make the student able to learn the subject in depth with convenience. Early exposure may be quite beneficial to its development in children. Students, for their part, do not suffer much confusion in determining which part of the lesson is important and which part is not.

Children also must assume a different, possibly greater, responsibility as learners. See below for a discussion of the danger in the use of objectionable materials.

There are situations that can make direct teaching ineffective. Without these traits, a teacher could not effectively carry out direct teaching or direct instruction, nor could they develop higher order thinking skills in the students. Let us have a comparison of pros and cons of all these techniques in a bit detail so as to understand them.

At the same time, there is the risk of being sidetracked. Pros and Cons of Direct Teaching written by: The obvious objection may be that children will spend less time interacting with one and other and therefore will lack the social skills that they are otherwise capable of developing through frequent interactions with peers.

However, even if they do browse off once in a while, they are still using a technological tool, they are still using some of the skills that are very useful and are only fostered by such an interactive tool.

There are no experiments. An example of an intelligent tool is a word processor in contrast to a type writer. Such options are not open to children of primary and secondary level institutions.

Given the many CMC services of the Internet, it is possible that children use the device to communicate with other children.

The many differences between services means that one may not become familiar with all kinds of resources right away. Direct instruction or direct teaching was first developed by Siegfried Engelmann and Wesley C.

There may be texts, videos, and audio materials available through the help of this one medium, also adding to the excitemtn in the research process. Like all the other branches of education, social studies is also an important subject.

With the passage of time, the importance of education and learning has been increasing at a rapid rate. With the passage of time, learning techniques have experienced a drastic change. Children may need to be evaluated on their perfor- mance in group projects and perhaps more creative skills than are mirrored in multiple choice question tests.

Although currently the Internet may not be as effective as other types of multi-media tools in delivering such information to the classroom, rapid changes in its capabilities make it a potential tool in this domain too.

Children can gain status through helping others, through demonstrating their knowledge and their generosity.May 24,  · Social Studies - I am a college student who has decided on pursuing teaching history in high school.

What are some of the pros and cons of teaching in this subject, or any other.

TECHNOLOGY, CITIZENSHIp, AND THE SOCIAL STUDIES CLASSROOM: EDUCATION FOR DEMOCRACY IN A TECHNOLOGICAL AGE ALICIA R. CROWE Throughout human existence, changes in technology have influenced Through social studies and technological tools, students themselves.

In addition ro cartograms. COMPARISON MATRIX. No description by While curriculum purchased social studies learning allows teacher to have materials ready it does not necessarily mean that it is credible or up to par with all social studies standards.

It is nice to be able to save time and simply purchase lesson plans and activities to entertain students but teachers. View Rubric Due Date Aug 24 23 59 Max Points 50 Details Using A Matrix Or Chart Compare And Contrast The Pros Cons Of Following 1 Integrated Social Studies.

Pros and Cons of Social Networking sites There are many different pros and cons of social networks. Social networks allow for easier communication and allow people to make new friends.

However, these sites allow pedophiles to. Commercially Purchased Social Studies Learning. Teaching and Learning Social Studies in the Elementary Grades in Georgia _____ A Position Statement from the Georgia Council for the Social Studies (GCSS).

Pros and cons of commerically purchased social studies lessons
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