Speech against conscription and war

Now, after the collection, I shall have a few closing remarks to make, and I am going to stand here until you are through with the collection.

Webster's Speech Against Conscription

United States on 7 January The Judge was horrified at the audacity of these people to say it to him, face to face. This, Sir, is the amount of the principle contended for by the Secretary of War.

What difference is there between the Subordination of individual liberty, whether it is in Germany or the United States? We believe that any law odious to democracy, endangering the preservation of freedom of thought and conscience, is tyrannical and fit for autocracies only.

Applause and Cheers I am a free born American Citizen and it is my duty to preserve those institutions of democracy that mean liberty of principle of conscience, Applause and Cheersand I am willing also to give my insignificant life to preserve those institutions that the forefathers of America fought for.

You will put the young manhood of America in the uniform, you will drag them to the battlefield and into the trenches, but while they are there there is going to be a bond of anti-militarism among the people of the world great applause.

Everybody keep their seats. Friends, the collectors can go on quietly and continue their work. Compared to these extensive costs, some would argue there is very little benefit; if there ever was a war then conscription and basic training could be completed quickly, and in any case there is little threat of a war in most countries with conscription.

War was imposed upon the people without the people getting a chance to say whether they wanted war or not, and war was imposed upon them, I say, because the gentlemen of power and those who back power want war. We hear a great deal about Anarchism in the present fight against Conscription.

Do whatever you please.

Speech Against Conscription And War - June 14, 1917

That is all right. Remember, friends, that the very Government which worships at the altar of the Christian religion, that this very Government knows perfectly well, that they attempted to silence them.

It is not only a tragedy because they were sentenced. Sir, I almost disdain to go to quotations and references to prove that such an abominable doctrine has no foundation in the Constitution of the country. But evidently the Judge knows nothing of history, any more than the ruling class knows.


And so, men and women, workmen and workwomen, you of the East Side, you who are sweated and bled to create the wealth of this country, you who are being sneered at because you are foreigners — very well, then, if you are good enough to create the wealth of America, if America had to go to Europe for her Art, if America had to go to Europe for her Literature, if America had to go to Europe for her Music and her ideals, by God you will have to go to the foreigners for liberty.

The next speaker is a young man of Conscriptable age, Peter Kane, Jr. He describes the way they live, in water up to their waists, cold and freezing weather, the consequence of diseases, and the vermin with which they are covered.

The people of this country have not established for themselves such a fabric of despotism. The services of the men to be raised under this act are not limited to those Edition: The agitation is in the hearts of the people, the agitation is in the minds of the people, and it only requires the psychological moment to come along, as it did in Russia, and the Judges like Mayer and Speech against conscription and war other Judges will fly off the bench and into the gutters.

The Wall Street men are fighting a losing game. I shall speak English because I want those representing the State and Militarism and the Courts and Prisons Speech against conscription and war understand what I have to say.

America had the lesson that the working people and the sons of working women are being sacrificed in the name of Kultur and they want democracy upon the battlefields of Europe, and if America had been a grown man instead of a child it would have learned the lesson that no matter how great the cause it is never great enough to sacrifice millions of people in the trenches and on the battlefield in the name of democracy or liberty.

This is a most serious moment. Laws, Sir, of this nature can create nothing but opposition. But the tragedy of yesterday is in the fact that a Judge, supported as you have been told by your money, protected by public opinion, protected by the President, the tragedy of it is that that Judge had the impudence and audacity to insult Kramer and Becker after he gave them the sentence of such horrible dimensions.

Well, friends, if the Americans are to wait until Americans wake up the country they will have to resurrect the Indians who were killed in America and upon whose bodies this so-called democracy was established, because every other American, if you scratch him, you will find him to be an Englishman, Dutchman, Frenchman, Spaniard, a Jew and a German and a hundred and one other nationalities who sent their young men and their women to this country in the foolish belief that liberty was awaiting them at the American Harbor, Liberty holding a torch.

To borrow money on the credit of the United States. There is a nation composed of exploiters, capitalists and the militarists. Prisons have never solved any problems. There is no relation so tender or so sacred, that, by these accursed measures, you do not propose to violate it. I deny your law.

They talk of dangerous designs against Government, when the are overthrowing the fabric from its foundations. And then telling you that when you will become militiamen and you shall be ordered to shoot your brothers and fathers and sisters and mothers in the name of democracy that you are going to carry to the poor unfortunate people of Germany.

Therefore, I as an Anarchist who became an American out of choice, protest. But because the people know that conscription is a crime and oppression and an outrage upon reason, because the people know that the Military State Census was determined upon by one of the most reactionary men, we find Mr.

It might take the money of any man by force and give in exchange Exchequer notes or Certificates of Stock.Emma Goldman, “Speech Against Conscription and War” () Emma Goldman was a feminist anarchist.

She was born in what is now Lithuania. She was born in what is now Lithuania. When she moved to America, she became one of the most honest and renowned of American extremists. ON CONSCRIPTION. By Daniel Webster.

During America's first great war, waged against Great Britain, the Madison Administration tried to introduce a conscription bill into Congress. This bill called forth one of Daniel Webster's most eloquent efforts, in a powerful opposition to conscription.

The speech was delivered in the House of. War was imposed upon the people without the people getting a chance to say whether they wanted war or not, and war was imposed upon them, I say, because the. Nov 06,  · sister projects: data item.; A speech given in the House of Representatives on December 9, In it Webster denounces James Monroe's plan to use conscription to build an army to invade Canada as part of the War of Notable also is Webster's support of the doctrine of nullification in this context—he later opposed the doctrine in his Second Reply to Hayne ()—and his discussion of.

A reprint of Webster’s famous speech against conscription during the War of against Britain.

Speeches Against Conscription

It was reprinted by the American Union against Militarism in when America was on the verge of entering World War I and conscription was again an issue in the United States. 1 Speeches Speech Against Conscription and War by Emma Goldman [Delivered at Forward Hall, New York City, June 14, ] Transcript of meeting (from which Goldman's speech is excerpted here) by public shorthand reporter.

Speech against conscription and war
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