Students writing allah is the only god is allah

But according to school officials, the class is just following Tennessee state standards adopted by Gov. Robert has been covering news in the areas of health, world news and politics for a variety of online news sources. They were not "skipped" over like Porterfield claimed.

The standards that we have in place from the State of Tennessee are newer standards that were developed in and implemented last year, school year. If we are truly going to Grow Maury County together, then we need to openly talk and discuss about what we want to emphasize in our county. We are here to help your children be prepared for Life.

I encourage you to talk with your children, talk with your teachers, and talk with your principals. This involved classwork and assignments that necessitated writing and verbally stating the Shahada in English.

These are our children and we want them protected. The conservative legal group American Center for Law and Justice, indicated that more than 7, Tennessee residents complained about the assignment, the report stated.

Tennessee middle school teaches Islam, students had to write ‘Allah is the only God’

The teacher had the kids copy the Muslim statement of faith, also known as the shahada. By now, many of you have heard what is taking place with concerns to the teaching section of middle school social studies. However, one parent told The Schilling Show that while the Koran was presented to students, the Bible was not.

The Muslim-friendly calligraphy assignment took place in a world geography class. The Berkeley County School District later said the video was not approved by the district, and the content was not approved.

For this last section on the Islamic world this past week, our educators had students complete an assignment that had an emphasis on Islamic faith," Marczak said.

They are not going over anything else. We are not trying to convert. It is our job as parents of our own children to instill in them the beliefs of our individual households.

Last year, his daughter was shown a class video about suicide prevention that featured a scene with two male high school students in bed together, the report stated.

In Tennessee, 81 percent of the residents identify as Christian, according to a Pew poll. I do think it is the state sponsoring religion in schools. It is our job as a public school system to educate our students on world history in order to be ready to compete in a global society, not to endorse one religion over another or indoctrinate.Parents Upset that Middle Schoolers Assigned to Write ‘Allah is the Only God’ Sep 5, by Truth Revolt “A Christian child should not be made to write that.”.

Sep 05,  · Other Spring Hill Middle School parents are also upset about local kids writing “Allah is the only God” as part of a taxpayer-funded school assignment. “To me, a Christian child should not be made to write that,” Joy.

Sep 02,  · Tennessee middle school teaches Islam, students had to write ‘Allah is the only God’ instru cted to learn the “Five Pillars of Islam” which include them learning and writing the. students forced to recite 'allah is the only god' Now, parents of public-school students in Tennessee are protesting assignments that include writing a declaration that Allah is supreme and textbooks that recount Islamic doctrines as facts instead of beliefs.

Middle Schoolers in W.Va. Had to Write ‘Allah Is the One True God’ in Arabic

7th Graders Forced to Write, “Allah is the Only God”-Mostly Truth! Summary of eRumor: Seventh grade students in Tennessee were forced to write, “Allah is the Only God,” as part of a social studies lesson.

It reads: 'There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah' Public recitation of the shahada is the first formal step in conversion to Islam but students were not asked to read.

Students writing allah is the only god is allah
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