Undisclosed paid editing services

Who is not a paid editor? While talking to a reporter from Motherboard, he stated that the problem of undisclosed paid promotional editing or in other words UPPE Undisclosed Paid Promotional Editing had grown in the past many years especially as Wikipedia had become more popular in major search engine rankings.

Nonetheless, individual projects may create an alternative disclosure policy when their projects or communities have particular needs to either strengthen or reduce the requirements. This includes edits on talk pages and edits on projects other than Wikipedia.

The business owner definitely has a conflict of interest, but is not considered to be a paid editor because he or she is not being paid by an employer to write the article.

Where legally-required disclosures cannot be made in a way that complies with community rules, the community rules take precedence. Each project will provide contact information usually at the bottom of the pageand generally has different venues for questions and announcements.

Editors must still maintain editorial independence and follow all Wikipedia policies. He also added that if entities such as Consumer Reports or the Center for Disease and Control CDC wanted to get work done by paying people in order to help them improve their Wikipedia entries or improve the health content on Wikipedia, then it was no problem since that would be done for the common good.

Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects are run by a nonprofit organization - the only nonprofit website among the top websites in the world. These policies might prevent you from certain forms of volunteer editing, for example, contributing to articles about yourself. A business owner writes a Wikipedia article about his or her business.

We cannot advise you about specific legal requirements, and you should employ your own lawyer if you have questions. The problem of paid editors and their content without proper disclosure for the public, or visitors who come to the site on a regular basis.

But do make sure you learn the rules: To a certain extent that is. That they are indeed paid writers and not people who know something about a particular subject pretty well and want to contribute that to Wikipedia without any charge or purpose other than that of raising awareness through dissemination of knowledge.

Do I have to disclose the details of the compensation I am receiving? The same is true with GLAM employees. A non-governmental organization without specific financial interest in the content rewards an editor with a prize for creating a high quality web resource. James Heilman, who currently works as a medical doctor and is also a university professor.

I received an email from Wikipedia offering to create and monitor my article for a monthly fee. It may be tempting to want a Wikipedia article about you or your company due to the prominent placement of Wikipedia articles in search engine results.

There is a direct quid pro quo exchange: In cases of more extreme behaviors, local law may also apply. If an advertisement is removed, any corresponding links on the Wikipedia user page must remain visible for at least one week.

This could be a business, a charity, an educational institution, a government department or another individual, for example.

He told a reporter from Motherboard that it would prove to be hurtful to the existence of Wikipedia if people starting to jump to conclusion and went to extremes in order to lock down the open platform and allow only a few editors to have more control or give up on supervising editors all together as such measures would hurt Wikipedia going into the future.

This list will help editors and sister projects to quickly discover what the local project policy for paid editing is, or if the default applies.

You are part of an amazing community of volunteers contributing to an unprecedented resource of free information available to the whole world. Therefore, the poster should clearly and conspicuously disclose her relationship to the manufacturer to members and readers of the message board. What does the phrase "employer, client, and affiliation" mean?

However, the problems that are being brought into the spotlight at the moment, such as those of editorial dishonesty, have only begun to gain traction recently. What should I do? As part of these obligations, you must disclose your employer, client, and affiliation with respect to any contribution for which you receive, or expect to receive, compensation.

More oversight is needed to ensure that content remains objective and original on Wikipedia.

Paid Editors Are Bad And That’s Why Wikipedia Is Hunting Them

If they are directed or expected to edit Wikipedia as part of an internship, they must disclose. Breaking the rules can result in a paid editor being banned from Wikipedia, and the article you paid for might be deleted.

Heilman further added and both instances of requests and almost all the people who were involved in engaging in Undisclosed Paid Promotional Editing were basically in breach of both community and Wikipedia Foundation policies.

If you are being paid, you must disclose it. Promotion and advertising by paid editors[ edit ] Paid editors may not advertise or promote their services on Wikipedia. Prohibited activities An editor advertises article creation or maintenance of articles about a corporation for a fee, even if disclosure of this arrangement is made and no guarantee of outcomes is made.Wikipedia:Paid-contribution disclosure special privileges for paid editing.

The administrator policy states: Administrator tools may not be used as part of any paid editing activity, except Promotion and advertising by paid editors. Paid editors may not advertise or promote their services on Wikipedia.

The disclosures required by the. The Covert World of People Trying to Edit Wikipedia—for Pay reportedly said that undisclosed paid editing—trying to alter the content of Wikipedia without Elisa Glass / The Atlantic.

Wikipedia:Paid editing (proposal) Jump to navigation Jump to but undisclosed paid editing of a policy page is forbidden. All paid editors are required to disclose their paid status on both their user page and on the affected article's talk page.

Wikipedia:Paid-contribution disclosure

Paid editing is a type of conflict of advertising services. On the other hand, paid advocacy editing - i.e. paid editing of articles to promote companies, products, and services - is strongly discouraged or banned on most, if not all, the projects.

If you are not paid for edits, you don't need to worry about disclosure under this provision: you’re absolutely fine. This week, the Wikimedia Foundation successfully obtained orders preventing four websites advertising a service of paid editing of articles on Wikipedia from abusing the “Wikipedia” trademark.

Undisclosed paid editing has been a hot topic in our movement for the last few years, prompting much. There are ways to get paid to edit articles on Wikipedia as there are companies set up that charge clients for Wikipedia editing services.

This is generally frowned upon and there are guidelines for paid content Wikipedia:Paid-contribution disclos.

Undisclosed paid editing services
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