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But how do you write a really good report which tells the story of the match and really makes the reader feel like they were there? You can then add notes next to each name or shirt number. Preparation If you know you will be writing a match report, remember to take a pen and paper to the game, or use your smartphone to make notes.

You can also include background information such as: Dig deeper during the interview process to get a quote no other reporter has. Image copyright School Report Image caption Jotting down the action as it happens will help you recall all the important details And you also might note more general themes as they occur to you: The Poles came write a football match report firing at the start of the second half but their limitations remained and Cuadrado was soon causing them more problems down the right.

Write the story in the order of importance, rather than chronologically. What time should you meet? All this information will help you when it comes to writing reports - making it more interesting than a list of "this happened, then that happened, then this other thing happened Take extensive notes while watching the match.

With this step-by-step guide, Pitchero will help you create a professional match report ready for your club website and even the local press. The match started to a barrage of noise from the yellow-shirted Colombian fans and the early exchanges were frenetic with Poland putting in some physical challenges and Robert Lewandowski getting close attention from the Colombian defence.

Even smartphones are equipped with quality HD cameras these days, so film key moments in the match. So a good football example of this type of headline would be: Before distributing the prizes, the chief guest delivered his valuable speech.

Video content makes your match report a much more attractive proposition for readers, breaking up the mundane blocks of text. Instead, include information that goes beyond the scores, such as the reaction of the players and fans, confrontations between players and coaches and the atmosphere of the stadium.

Obtain quotes that add life to your story by avoiding simple questions. Tip Be conservative about writing statistics. As a general rule of thumb, keep it short and sweet where you can. A skilled sportswriter does more than simply regurgitate the scores. If you can speak to them to ask what they made of the game and the key incidents then great.

Is a young player being talked up as a candidate for his international team? The respite was brief and on the next Colombia attack Juan Quintero found Rodriguez lurking inside the box and the midfielder chipped a delightful cross into the danger area for Mina to head the ball into the net from point-blank range.

Gather as many quotes as possible following the match.

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Nothing undermines a report more than getting basic information wrong! Media playback is unsupported on your device BBC presenter Sonali Shah gives her top tips for reporting on sport events and stories. Both of them were equally strong and showed their excellent skill and performance. So make sure you encourage parents and supporters to upload their photos.

An exciting football match between 1st year and 2nd year students of the college was held in a befitting manner in the college field. Poland pushed forward to try and get back into the game and five minutes later were caught on the break by the Colombians with Rodriguez rasping a pass across the field to allow Cuadrado fitting reward for a fine performance.

If a player scores a highlight-style goal in overtime, this fact should be at the beginning of your report, not the end.

How to Write Great Football Headlines

Click each link below to read the relevant CopyBlogger article all of which are short enough to be easy reading and then come back here and read the text beneath the link to see how that can be applied to writing headlines for your articles on Soccerlens.

To save time, try to get hold of the team selection or a list of players before kick off. Think about your audience. Carry on with this in the second half. Old Boys now go top with 3 games left to play.The bible for writing great post titles is the CopyBlogger How to Write Magnetic Headlines series by Brian Clark.

It won’t magically make you a better headline writer, but it will give you a better understanding of how and why headlines work. We can’t better that series, but what we can do is link to each article in the series, and then put it in a football blogging context.

How to Write a Football Match Report

Watch video · A victory over the Africans in their final first-round match in Samara on Thursday would secure Colombia a spot in the last 16 as they target at least matching their charge to the quarterfinals.

UEFA Europa League Arsenal Vorskla REPORT: Croatia football off against Valencia revealed The Portugal international was shown a straight red card in his first Champions League match.

How to Write a Football Match Report. If you've recently taken the job of a sports reporter or have been assigned to cover a football match, it's important to do an effective job.

A skilled sportswriter does more than simply regurgitate the scores. write a report on Exciting Football Match in Your College An Exciting Football Match Held in Gafargaon College Sujon Ahmed, Mymensingh, 05 April: An exciting football match between 1st year and 2nd year students of the college was held in a befitting manner in the college field.

May 11,  · There's lots of different ways of going about it, but here are some general rules about the art of writing a match report. NB this guide is written with football in mind, but is equally applicable to lots of other team sports like rugby, hockey etc - and most of.

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Write a football match report
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